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Discover your passion

Discover your passion

Discover your passion

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Barbering School West Palm Beach

tpl-home-picDo you enjoy working with hair? Do all your friends and family always ask you to help them a new look, or update a new one? If you have a passion for working with the silky tresses. Why not train to be a barber in West Palm Beach? At the Academy of Palm Beach we have a barbering program where you can learn everything you need to know when working with hair.

The Program

Our Barbering certificate program is designed with the purpose to teach students a barbering course. Students learn the desirable attitudes, basic manipulative skills, proper work habits, and safety judgments that are necessary to obtain a license for an entry level position in barbering. So once student leave the program they are fully ready for their new career as a barber.

The study for our Barbering Program in West Palm Beach can be completed in nine months. For full time students the program will be 27.5 hours a week. For part time students the program can be complete in eleven months and only 22 hours per week. Once students complete the program they will be eligible to take the Florida State licensing examination for Barbering. Once they become registered in the state of Florida they are officially a barber.

Program of Study

The Barbering Program can seem long, but there are a number of benefits to it. For one, students who take the program and pass the licensing examination. Will become fully registered barbers in the state of Florida. This will open a number of opportunities for students to practice their trade. The programs students will be studying are listed below:

  • BR-101 Florida Laws/Rules/Professional Ethics (150 Hours)
  • BR-102 Sanitation/Disinfection/Sterilization (325Hours)
  • BR-103 HIV/AIDS (5 Hours)
  • BR-104 Hair Structure and Chemistry (50 Hours)
  • BR-105  Anatomy and Physiology (25 Hours)
  • BR-106 Haircuttung/Hair Styling (200 Hours and 300 Services)
  • BR-107 Hair and Scalp Treatments(25 Hours and 25 Services)
  • BR-108 Shampooing, Conditioning/Rinsing (50 Hours and 75 Services)
  • BR-109 Chemical/Hair Coloring (325 Hours and 150 Services)
  • BR-110 Facial Skin Care/Hair Removal (20Hours and 10 Services)
  • BR-111 Shave/Mustaches/Beards (25 Hours and 40 Services)

The Barbering Tuition costs and prices are also listed below:

  • Cosmetology Tuition Cost: $10,850.00
  • Registration Fee: $150.00
  • Books: $350.00
  • Kit: $1050.00
  • Total: $12,500.00

Due to the Higher Education Act of 1965, better known as HEA, was revised by the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008 (HEOA). It includes several reporting and disclosure requirements. All post secondary school which offer programs of study which lead to “gainful employment” must present to prospective students the following information.

Benefits of Training to be a Barber in West Palm Beach

What’s a barber, exactly? Well, at its core a barber is someone who cuts hair and trims or shaves facial hair. Barbering does not seem to be the most glamorous of jobs, but this is where people are wrong. Its continuing to be a growing industry where people can express their personal creativity and expression.

Another aspect of this job field is the lack of demands in the workplace. Yes, there are going to be people coming in and out to get their cut or their beards trimmed. Barbers of the benefit of being able to work alongside team members who help each other with customers. So, someone in an entry level position as a barber can learn from others who have been working in the job field for a number of years. On top of that the barber at a shop is often times only responsible for the personal cleaning around their barber chair rather than the whole store. (Even though team members will appreciate an extra hand with cleaning up all that extra hair on the floor!)

Not to mention the career growth of the barber profession. The profession provides people with a chance for career opportunities and personal growth. While working in a barber shop a barber can make a portfolio of their work to show their creative skills for music videos, fashion shows, and even motion pictures.

If a barber does not prefer to work in a shop alongside other barbers. He or she can even open their own business. Opening the business will take a lot of time and hard work. In the end though its a rewarding option which allows people to pick their own hours of working, choosing clients, and being able to perform the work they enjoy.

There is more to being a barber than just simply sitting someone in a chair and cutting their hair. Its about the opportunities, creativity, personal growth, and teamwork involved with the career in the long run. If you’re looking to reap the benefits of this job industry. Check out the Academy’s Catalog for policies and disclosure and the consumer handbook.