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Cosmetology School West Palm Beach

test_blog_postThe Cosmetology program is now open to students in West Palm Beach. Cosmetology is a unique job field since it relies on creativity, personal growth, and experience. Students in this program will be able to learn all the elements of hair design, styling, hair styling, conditioning, coloring, shampooing, and chemical treatments. Students are also instructed in hair removal and facial skin care. Along with nail art, manicures, nail extension, and pedicures. Students will be able to gain experience through our application of a hands on technique designed to expose students to real life situations in the work place.

The Cosmetology program at West Palm Beach is an entry level beauty course that is 1200 hours long. It’s a one year program of study. The State of Florida does offer separate¬† licenses for either Facial Skin Care or Nail Technology. The Cosmetology license in Florida also consists of Facial Skin, Nails, and Hair Care. The Academy does use the Milday books as well. Cosmetology books are available in Spanish or English. The student may also take the state exam in either Castilian Spanish or English. The Academy even has a few Bilingual instructors. It is recommended Spanish students do purchase an English Spanish Dictionary though.

The tuition for the course of study is $9,400.

Benefits of Learning Cosmetology

Cosmetology is more than just styling nails, cutting hair, and treating skin for customers in a salon or spa. There are people who take it to the next level. Quite a few people are self-employed and take clients at their home or in their very own shops. By studying Cosmetology in West Palm Beach students can reap the benefits of this job field.

People in this job field have many benefits they can enjoy for their job. They have a wide range of flexibility to work in a position where they are their own boss. In a salon or spa a person has the freedom to work as a regular employee. They can also work independently and can be paid based on the clientele they bring into the spa or salon.

The job growth for Cosmetology has also been on the rise as well. The job growth is predicted to rise by 14 percent between 2010 and 2020 according to the bureau. This means people in this job field will be able to find work much more easily if they don’t like the employment set up they have.

The relationships cosmetologists build with their business is another benefit. They have the opportunity to build long lasting relationships with co-workers and clients that can last for years. If a cosmetologist is good at their job they may have customers who stick with them for years. Some clients have even known to follow their cosmetologist if the person decides to change salons. Nail, hair, and skin treatments can last hours at a time. This leaves an opportunity open to have pleasant conversations with a wide variety of people.

Once a cosmetologist has managed to gain a reputation among their clients. It’s not uncommon for cosmetologist to develop close, personal relationships with their clients.

Cosmetology is Fun

Not only are students able to learn about cosmetology at West Palm Beach. Once students graduate they will be able to work in an industry that is very fashion forwards. Cosmetologists on average usually have strong passion for style and fashion. They are always on the cutting edge of skin and nail care along with the latest trends. They are able to share their experience and knowledge with their clients and often even help them to achieve a whole new look.

Cosmetology is very rewards on many levels. Its a job field where there are endless opportunities to explore personal creativity. Cosmetologist are able to try these new beauty trends on their clients as well. There are even cosmetologists who travel to give educational seminars and trade shows to show off their talents. On top of that salons and spas are positive and relaxed working environment. Clients generally come for stress relief and to rest. The work environment is lighthearted and encourages everyone to have fun while they’re there.

If all this sounds good to you. Come learn about cosmetology at at West Palm Beach. You can look at the program of study here. There is also information listed there about the tuition prices and costs. There are many opportunities open to cosmetologists in order to go forward. There are even cosmetologists who run their own business from the comfort of their own home. The job field has also continued to grow over time, so there are bound to be many opportunities open to cosmetologists once students complete the course. We hope you get in touch with the Academy of Palm Beach soon!