How the School for Massage can Teach you to Eliminate Stress

Stress seems to be ever present in today’s fast paced society. People are either rushing to meet a deadline, paying bills, running errands, keeping up with social media feeds, working, and more. Stress can have negative health benefits for many people, and at the massage school you will learn how massage can eliminate stress once and for all.

How Does Massage Help People?

In the school for massage you may be interested in pursuing a career in massage therapy. Massage therapy is when a masseuse or therapist manipulates the soft tissues and muslces of the body in order to decrease stress or relieve pain. There are a wide variety of massages from reflexology to deep tissue massage. The therapist will apply pressure to a designated point on the body to relieve the pain.

There is a long list of aches and pains that massage can be used to treat. There have been studies done which show that massage therapy can improve sleep quality, mood, promote the muscles to relax, and even reduce pain.

What Roles does Massage Play When it Comes to Stress?

If you’ve ever had a massage by a good masseuse. You’ll know how good your body feels afterwards. You feel relaxed, and some people may even feel sleepy afterward. Massage can play a big role in helping to reduce stress for anyone who may suffer from it.

Cortisol, the hormone that contributes to stress, is a big factor. A study was done where people massaged. It was found that in their saliva these subjects had decreased cortisol levels. Another study found massage therapy could even increase the pleasurable qualities of people. Leading to people having a better body image of themselves, most notably many of these individuals being women.

Massage Can Help with a Person’s State of Mind

A person’s state of mind can be greatly affected by stress as well. While some stress is good, for instance stress can push someone to meet a deadline on time instead of procrastinating. An excess of stress can cause a person to lose focus, be unable to concentrate, or even suffer insomnia due to their minds constantly focusing on stressful factors in their life.

Massage therapy can have a great effect on a person’s state of mind. This includes anxiety, depression, and stress. Massage can help to shift the daily worries a person feels. Freeing up the mind and body to relax. Massage can even help people to feel more in control of the active role they play in their own lives and even hold sway over health too. The majority of massage techniques are practiced in a dimly lit room that’s very quiet. Some therapists even make use of candles, incense, or soft music to help their patients to relax. This creates a relaxing atmosphere for the individual and helps for their minds to stop fretting over everyday worries. Afterwards, many people have been able to find themselves able to concentrate or perform better in the workplace or home after a massage therapy session.

Massage Has Muscular Benefits Too

Massage not only helps a person’s state of mind. It also lends aide to the body too. When people are stressed out their body tends to tense up. This can cause aches and pains in the body. Including stiff shoulders, neck, and small aches and pains throughout the day. Usually when a person is done feeling stressed, their muscles will relax. When a person in a constant state of stress though they suffer the symptoms which can include headaches, neck pain, back pain, and even joint aches too.

According to the National Institute of Health, massage may be able to help relieve this muscle tension. A massage therapist will often use different techniques to ease the muscles by applying pressure, rubbing, stretching, and even stroking. This in turn helps the muscles to return to a relaxed state. In turn, this helps to relieve those stress related pains and aches a person in a constant state of stress may feel. This is why people often feel a little “loose” when they have a good therapy session. It’s due to their tense muscles relaxing.

Massage has a whole host of health benefits for many individuals. Not only does it help to relieve stress, but people are able to enjoy the physical benefits as well. It’s not healthy for a person to stay in a constant state of stress. This can lead to aches, joint pain, back pain, anxiety, depression, and more. Through the use of different therapy techniques an individual is not only able to relax. They can also enjoy the mental benefits of therapy as well. This is why massage has been practiced so long for so many years, and why it’s still very important in today’s society.