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School Catalog


Program Description

Students will learn all elements of hair design/styling including: hairstyling, coloring, chemical treatments, shampooing and conditioning. Students will also be instructed in facial skin care and hair removal as well as manicures, pedicures, nail extension and nail art. Students will gain experience through the application of hands-on techniques designed to expose the student to real situations.

Cosmetology is an entry-level beauty course of 1200 hours and is approximately a one-year program of study. The state of Florida does offer a separate license for either Nail Technology, or Facial Skin Care. The Cosmetology license in Florida consists of Hair, Nails, and Facial Skin Care. The Academy uses the Milady books. Cosmetology books are available in either English or Spanish. The student may take the state exam in either English or Castilian Spanish. The Academy has some Bilingual (Spanish) Instructors. It is however recommended, that Spanish students purchase an English-Spanish Dictionary.

Program Objectives

Combining lectures and hands-on training (practical experience), the student, upon successful completion of the program, will be able to apply for licensure in the state of Florida, and work as a Cosmetologist. After completing the Cosmetology program, and passing the Florida state exam, the student will be able to apply as an entry-level Cosmetologist for work in spas, salons, cruise ships, resorts, and other establishments that require a licensed Cosmetologist.

The cosmetology kit includes hair products, products for nails, and products for the skin portion of the program. The hair kit will be used during  class, for practical and clinical practice, and will be required each, and every day.

Program of Study

  • CO-101 Professional Ethics and Marketing (10 Hours)
  • LA-103 Florida Laws (11 Hours)
  • CO-102 Sanitation, Disinfection, and Sterilization (10 Hours)
  • HA-104 HIV and AIDS (4 Hours)
  • CO-103 Hair Cutting and Shaping (235 Hours with 75 Services)
  • CO-104 Hair Styling (325 Hours with 300 Services)
  • CO-105 Hair and Scalp Treatments (50 Hours with 45 Services)
  • CO-106 Shampooing, Conditioning, and Rinsing  (80 Hours with 50 Services)
  • CO-107 Chemical Hair Relaxing, Waving, and Soft Curl Permanent (175 Hours with 65 Services)
  • CO-108 Hair Coloring (200 Hours with 45 Services)
  • CO-109 Facial Skin Care and Hair Removal (50 Hours with 10 Services)
  • CO-110 Manicuring, Pedicure, and Introduction to Nail Extensions (50 Hours with 20 Services)Total Program Hours: 1200 Hours
    (Lecture Hours 1200, which includes 610 Clinical/Practical Services)

The Higher Education Act of 1965 (HEA), as revised by the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008 (HEOA), includes several disclosure and reporting requirements. All post-secondary schools that offer programs of study that lead to “gainful employment” must present to prospective students the following information:

  1. The U.S. Department of Labor’s Standard Occupational Classification (website) SOC (Standard Occupational Classification) code for the cosmetology course is #395012 for the “gainful employment” program.
  2. The cosmetology CIP (Classification of Instructional Programs) code is 12.0401.
  3. On-time graduation rates for students finishing the cosmetology program during the most recent reporting year (Feb 2015 report date) are 68%. Meaning that 68% of the students who finished the program during the last award year graduated “on-time.” This is determined as sustaining at least 90% attendance during the program.
  4. The Academy is required to include graduation and employment rates each year to our accrediting commission. The information reported during the most current annual report (Feb 2015 report date) were 68% for graduation and 73% for employment. Meaning that 68% of the students enrolling in the Cosmetology Program successfully finished all graduation requirements inside 150% of the normal time to finish. The employment rate indicates that 73% of the graduates achieved employment inside the cosmetology industry within a few months of graduating.
  5. The debt for the median Title IV loan during the 13/14 award year was $6,530 for students graduating from the Cosmetology Program. The school does not offer or participate in any private student loan programs.

Further information on Academy disclosures and policies can be found in the Academy’s Catalog and consumer handbook.

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