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Nail Technology

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Nail Technology

Program Description

Nail Specialty is a 240-hour, three and a half month program of study. The Nail Specialty program can be completed in less than three and a half months, if the student chooses to attend more than one class per day.

 Program Objectives

To motivate the student to become a licensed Nail Specialist. Upon course completion, the student will be proficient in the art of Nail Specialty and be prepared for final testing. With passing grades, the students will receive a certificate of completion and registration application for Florida licensure. Successful graduates may see employment as an entry-level Licensed Nail Specialist.

This course is designed to prepare students to become a licensed Nail Specialist. Students will learn the arts of manicuring, pedicuring, and adding extensions to the natural nail. In addition, students will learn the art of sculpting nails, including overlays of gel, fabric wrapping, and acrylic. Also covered is the anatomy and physiology of the hand, arm, foot, the nail, and its associated disorders, business ethics, the theory of chemical composition in products, and safety in the school and the salon itself.

There is no Federal Financial Aid available for the Nail Specialty Program; however, the Academy has numerous financing plans available for your convenience.

Program of Study

  • NT-101 Professional Ethics (2 Hours)
  • LA-101 Florida Laws (5 Hours)
  • NT-102 Sanitation and Disinfection (4 Hours)
  • HA-104 HIV and AIDS Awareness (4 Hours)
  • NT-103 Nail Theory, Practice, and Related Subjects (85 Hours)
  • NT-104 Manicures (20 Hours with 36 Services)
  • NT-105 Pedicures (10 Hours with 28 Services)
  • NT-106 Acrylic Nails – Tips with Overlays (37.5 Hours with 16 Services)
  • NT-107 Sculpted Nails – Sculpting with forms (37.5 Hours with 15 Services)
  • NT-108 Silk/Wrapping and/or Nail Repair (15 Hours with 10 Services)
  • NT-109 Acrylic Fill-Ins (10 Hours with 10 Services)
  • NT-110 Artificial Nail Removal (5 Hours with 5 Services)
  • NT-111 Polishing and Nail Art (5 Hours with 20 Services)

Total Program Hours (240 Hours)
(100 Lecture Hours and 140 Practical/Clinical Hours)


The Higher Education Act of 1965 (HEA), as revised by the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008 (HEOA), includes several disclosure and reporting requirements. All post-secondary schools that offer programs of study that lead to “gainful employment” must present to prospective students the following information:

  1. The U.S. Department of Labor’s Standard Occupational Classification (website) SOC (Standard Occupational Classification) code for the Nail Technology course is #39-5092.00 for the “gainful employment” program.
  2. The Nail Technology CIP (Classification of Instructional Programs) code is 12.0410.
  3. On-time graduation rates for students finishing the Nail Technology program during the most recent reporting year (Jan 2015 report date) are 93%. Meaning that 93% of the students who finished the program during the last reporting year graduated “on-time.” This is determined as sustaining at least 90% attendance during the program. The other students finished the program and graduated after this time frame.
  4. The Academy is required to include graduation and employment rates each year to our accrediting commission. The information reported during the most current annual report (Jan 2015 report date) were 93% for graduation and 82% for employment. Meaning that 93% of the students enrolling in the Nail Technology Program successfully finished all graduation requirements inside 150% of the normal time to finish. The employment rate indicates that 82% of the graduates achieved employment inside the nail technology industry within a few months of graduating.
  5. The debt for the median Title IV loan during the 13/14 award year was $0 for students graduating from the Nail Technology Program. The school does not offer or participate in any private student loan programs.

Further information on Academy disclosures and policies can be found in the Academy’s Catalog and consumer handbook.

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