Why Academy of Palm Beach is an Ideal School for Barbering?

Academy of Palm BeachIf you want to pursue a career in the hair industry and you want to enhance your skills, stay up to date, then obtaining a diploma/course from a reputable School for Barbering in West Palm Beach is the best way to get started. Hair never stops growing so this is a time and recession-proof career that will always be in demand. Going to a School for Barbering West Palm Beach will make you a desirable candidate to any employer.

The Academy of Palm Beach educational program was founded in 1979. Initially, the focus was specializations in natural health and fitness programs, courses and classes, which included senior citizen fitness, arthritis self-help, aerobics, nutrition, and energy training courses. Some of these Programs and academy instructors have been featured, both on ABC and NBC television including, Good Morning Palm Beaches, People Will Talk, PM Magazine, Focus, and many others. Academy Instructors have also appeared in many magazine articles, including “Changing Times.” Academy of Palm Beach offers other programs as well.

Academy of Palm Beach – The best Nail Tech School

Nail is an art and it’s best to learn from the experts. This course is designed to prepare students to become a licensed Nail Specialist. Students will learn the art of manicure, pedicure, and adding extensions to the natural nail. In addition, students will learn the art of sculpting nails, including overlays of gel, fabric wrapping, and acrylic. Also covered is the anatomy and physiology of the hand, arm, foot, the nail, and its associated disorders, business ethics, the theory of chemical composition in products, and safety in the school and the salon itself.

Academy of Palm beach is the best School for nail tech. Nail Specialty is a 240-hour, three and a half month program of study. The Nail Specialty program can be completed in less than three and a half months. Upon course completion, the student will be proficient in the art of Nail beauty and be prepared for final testing. With passing grades, the students will receive a certificate of completion and registration application for Florida licensure. Successful graduates may see employment as an entry-level Licensed Nail Specialist.

Academy of Palm Beach – The most popular Massage school

Palm Beach Academy’s Massage Therapy Program exceeds all expectations in order to qualify and prepare students for the approved state licensure tests. Each student will be presented the knowledge and instructed on the skills necessary to enter the field of massage therapy as an entry-level Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT). Academy of Palm Beach with its unique curriculum is the best School for massage and many experts are products of this academy.


Academy of Palm Beach – The most sought-after Beauty school

Beauty therapy certificate program from APB is made to train and teach students in the field of Beauty Therapy. The Beauty therapy program is popular in Europe and combines facial skin care with massage therapy, Thalassotherapy, Aromatherapy and Body Wraps. The students can apply for a variety of positions within this sector or pursue their own business, upon completion of this course. Academy of Palm beach was the first school to get the license for this program in the state of Florida.

The Beauty therapy program provide a detailed training in physiology, Swedish massage and physiology and includes courses in aromatherapy, hydrotherapy, facial law and Florida massage, business practices, ethical procedures, without or with the use of machines for facial treatments. The program also incorporates training on using waxing procedures.

Academy of Palm Beach – The ideal Barbering school

The school of Barbering certificate program is designed to provide students with the knowledge, skills and practical experience to successfully obtain a Restricted Barber license from the State of Florida and fill entry-level positions as a Barber. The experienced faculty will train students on basic manipulative skills, safety judgments, and business practices necessary to work in the industry.

Academy of Palm Beach – The Cosmetology school you should attend

So if you’ve had the flair for styling and makeup since you were a kid and you always wanted to be a licensed stylist then going to a reputable School for Cosmetology in West Palm Beach is the first step toward your career. Whether you work with other stylists at a salon, helping celebrities and models look their best or styling regular clients for events, you will see your career grow in every way. If you like working with people and you can make a good living out of it then it’s wise to go to a Cosmetology school in West Palm Beach to begin your career. Cosmetology is more than just styling nails, cutting hair, and treating skin for customers in a salon or spa. As you gain experience and a good clientele, then you establish a good reputation and your popularity will keep growing! You can even grow to be a trusted beauty consultant. Who knows? You could develop your brand to a point where you can be one of those success stories covered on televisions shows.