Your Path Through Beauty School


You’ve seen the popular trends lately, right? #Nails. #Beauty. Consumers are all abuzz about these topics and, truth be told, you find them a little exciting as well. The difference is you don’t want to be on the receiving end and you’re not sharing pictures on social media of the nail art on your nails, you want to be on the side that’s making money from them. The side that turns all-things beauty into a career and the one that’s going to attend cosmetology school to meet the demands these trends have started.

The basic definition of cosmetology school and/or a full cosmetology program refers to the study of skin care (esthetics), nail care (manicures, pedicures, nail art and extensions), hair styling and makeup in one program. (Oftentimes it includes massage therapy.) Also while attending cosmetology school, also known as beauty school; you will learn the components of hairstyling and design, which includes shampooing and conditioning, coloring, hairstyling and chemical treatments.

It would be nice to take the experience you have from styling your friends’ and family’s hair and turn it into a certification, but unfortunately it doesn’t work that way. However your experience with learning to work with different types of hair and being comfortable in that area may be an asset to you during your studies. It’s your completion of the program that will give you an edge that will make you marketable in the industry. And, just think, once you get your certification you can charge your friends and family more to do their hair, their nails or facials.

Cosmetology is an entry-level beauty course, which will take you about one year (that’s about 1,200 hours) to complete. In some states, the license for nail technology and facial skin care is separate, but in Florida for instance you’re able to get a cosmetology license that covers facial skin care, hair and nails. Whether you’re attending a separate nail school or getting all of your beauty education in one place, you’ll be ready to get started servicing clients before you know it. You’ll get the necessary hands-on experience that’s designed to put students into real world experiences.

When it comes to attending a school for cosmetology you’ll learn a host of beauty skills in one comprehensive program. If you’re focusing on nail tech school you will learn way more than cleaning, shaping (in square, round, squoval, almond and stiletto), polishing nails or applying acrylic nails. You will learn techniques for applying nail art, stickers, gems and artificial (acrylic, gel and silk) nails.

Benefits of Obtaining a Cosmetology School Certification

When we begin what will most likely be our life’s work we want to enjoy what we do as well as reap any benefits, and there are quite a few in the beauty industry. A few are as follows:

  1. It’s a relatively lucrative industry. Beauty salons alone are predicted to bring in about $49.3 billion in revenue through 2017.
  2. You’re able to take your creative ideas and turn them into reality. Just like an artist that visualizes a blank canvas as a colorful masterpiece, cosmetologists visualize hairstyles and designs, and they may even sketch them out before trying it on a client.
  3. You’re trained for a specific career with other areas to fall back on. Even if your focus is on haircare you will still have the knowledge to be a nail tech or makeup professional (makeup artist).
  4. You have the choice of working for yourself or for someone else at a salon or spa. Entrepreneurship is a viable option for cosmetologists. If you pursue that you’ll have the flexibility to set your own hours, decide if you’ll offer onsite services and control every aspect of your business. In some instances, the same flexibility can be had at a salon where you rent your both, but handle you own clients, set your hours and take care of the back office business.

Those are pretty good benefits to start with, right?

Now that you’ve learned a bit about what you’re getting yourself into when choosing beauty school for your career path it’s time to work out a few details. Will you attend school full time or part time? How will you finance furthering your education? How long do you want to be in school? In order to make these decisions you’ll have to have clear goals set for yourself and be ready to implement your plan. Once your goals are met there are many options for a licensed cosmetologist including working in spas, salons, resorts and even cruise ships; anywhere that utilizes a licensed cosmetologist.